There is a lot to say but so little time... unlikelysource.com is the magic behind the button. Just imagine for a second that you are filling in a form on a website. You then press the SUBMIT button. What happens next ... ? This is where unlikelysource.com comes in.

We specialize in high end programming projects, primarily in the PHP language. In addition to training videos produced for O'Reilly Media, unlikelysource.com has been heavily involved with Zend Technologies in the development of educational labs. Our specialty is PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, as well as a number of other programming languages.

About Myself

The best place to get more information about my skills, education, etc. is to view my profile on LinkedIn.com

When not massaging a computer keyboard, I like to write and perform original music. Over the years, under the stage name of Zelfë, I've gone from Classical to Rock and now, most recently, Big Band. Hear for yourself: click here.

Another pleasant diversion has been writing fiction under the pen name of Douglas Alan. Please have a look at The End, And Then? and also Further Indications. Both works are also available for download from Lulu.com here.

Joomla Extension

unlikelysource.com maintains a popular Joomla extension, the Simple Email Form. Click below to visit the demo website and download the source code.

Joomla »

Doctrine Training

New! Just finished a video training course on Doctrine for O'Reilly media. Topics covered include (among others):

  • ORM (object relational mapping)
  • DBAL (database abstraction layer)
  • DQL (doctrine query language)
  • Query builder
  • And much more ...
Also discussed is how to integrate Doctrine with:
  • Zend Framework 2
  • CodeIgniter
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Learning Doctrine »

Zend Framework 2

This website is devoted to Zend Framework 2. On it you will find a demo of various techniques as well as a link to the source code on github.com.

ZF2 »


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